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ArchWizards and Wizards

I'm not an expert on being a wizard, but I have 
5 wiz bits, and 2 Arch-Wiz perms. So, I've seen 
a lot of things that go wrong. I will not state the 
obvious here, because there are plenty of places 
for you to go to get basic information on starting 
a moo and wizard perms. If you're a new Arch, or a 
new wiz...take heed. You SHOULD have a 
public_identity character to do all your programming 
wih. There are TONS of things you can mess up with
your wizard perms that a regular programming character 
cannot. Do not make your public_identity character 
$wiz, because this will put you in the same tuff spot 
when it comes right down to it. $programmer will work 
fine for coding and everyday stuff. 

If you are a new Arch. Don't use #2 for your main 
character. You can, however set its gender, and rename 
it to GOD or whatever, but when that's done, tuck #2's 
password away somewhere and only use it when necessary. 

NEVER @recycle #0...THIS IS VERY BAD...
Don't laugh - I've seen it happen.

For that matter, you should have NO reason whatsoever 
mucking around with any object with a number lower than 
#90. (Especially if you don't know much about coding) 
If you want a different player class, make a child of #6.
Don't alter or add to #6.

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ANSI CORE Another ANSI Core I will be sure to add more as I find more.

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