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MOO - its not just for cows anymore!
Adding Your Own Little Home to The MOO

MOO stands for Multi-User Object Oriented programming. Which, in 
English means that many people from all over the world can get 
online, and they can make objects to create a virtual text-based
world all their own. 

No two MOOs are alike, which is why you see many of the same 
people who have characters on several different MOOs. Within 
these pages, I will attempt to describe every aspect of the 
MOO that I can. Mind you, I am NOT an expert on MOOing, 
and I will never claim to be, but I can garuntee that the 
MOO will keep you occupied.

First of all, to get on to a MOO, you must TELNET to a MOO 
address or ip.  Click HERE for a 
rather lengthy list of MOOs. Pick one that sounds interesting 
to you!

Here are some tips on adding to the MOO after you have 
requested, and recieved your new character:


Congratulations on your new MOOO character!  I all hope that 
you have a very enjoyable MOOing experience.  If you ever have 
any problems or questions, keep in is ALWAYS OK to 
ask a wizard. To find a wizard, simply type ?wizards. This will 
give you a list of wizards online.

GENDER              You don't want to run around everywhere as
                    a neuter, do you? TYPE @gender male 
                    or @gender female.
                    EXAMPLE: Dixie-Chick would type  @gender female
                             Joe would type @gender male

DESCRIPTION        People will look at your character from time 
                   to time. You'll want to have something for 
                   them to look at - right?  Sure you will :)  
                   To set your description, TYPE:
                @describe me as "Somehting creative.
                   Be sure to use quotation marks - especially 
                   the first set. EXAMPLE:  
                   @describe ME as "A lovely maiden dressed
                   in a white robe.

MESSAGES           Messages are a lot of fun! You can set up all 
                   sorts of different messages that do different 
                   things. Type @messages me  to find out what 
                   different things you can set.  The most popular 
                   messages that people use all the time are the 
                page_origin message and the page_echo 
                   message.  To set any of the messages on your list, 
                   just type the message just like it appears in 
                   your @messages list.    EXAMPLE:
                  Dixie-Chick's page_origin message was set up 
                  like this... @page_origin me is "Jake, the 
                  rodeo clown jumps out of a barrel and hands you 
                  a message from Dixie-Chick.

=========HOW TO BUILD A HOME=================

Most MOOs will automatically grant you $builder permissions 
when your character is created by the MOO. Assuming this is 
true on the MOO you chose, the following information is also true:

DIG IT!             To make a home for yourself, simply @dig 
                    EXAMPLE:  @dig Castle
                    This will make a home for you. Remember the 
                    number that the MOO assigns your home. After 
                    you dig it, TYPE: @go #??  to go there.                     

DESCRIPTION         To set a description for your room is just 
                    like setting the description for your character. 
                    TYPE @describe here as "whatever
                    EXAMPLE: @describe here as "A magical place 
                    where gnomes and unicorns frolick in peaceful 

SETHOME             To set your home, simply go to your home, and 
                    TYPE: @sethome      This will allow you 
                    to "wake up" in your room when you log on. 

CONNECT             You must dig an exit from your room to a public 
                    area on most MOOs. Find out where they are on the
                    MOO, and connect to one.


DIG IT!            TYPE:  @dig exitname to #??
                   EXAMPLE: To dig from my room #365 to Public_Room 
                   (#???), I would go to my room, and type @dig 
                   West to #???

PERMISSIONS        Sometimes, you will get a permission message from
                   the MOO. It will say something like this: 
                   Exit #??? could not be added to (room (#???)). 
                   You need to ask the owner of the room, 
                   (whoever), to add the exit for you.
                   This prevents people from adding exits from 
                   their rooms to yours without your permission. 
                   If you get that message, simply page or moomail 
                   the person and ask them if they will add the 
                   exit for you. In most cases, they will be glad 

ADDING EXITS       Adding exits that someone else dug to your 
                   room is easy!
                   Simply TYPE: @addexit #???

============HOW TO BECOME A PROGRAMMER===========
These are the basic requirements for becoming a programmer 
on most MOOs. 

REQUIREMENTS       You must have a valid character ie. you 
                   must have a permanent character on the MOO.

                   Your character should have a gender and 
                   a description.

                   Your character should have a home that is described.

If you are not sure how to fulfill these requirements, please 
look at the sections in these pages that outline how to set 
up your character and your home.  


AVALIABLE            TYPE: @subscribe  to see the different 
                     mailing lists available. Some of these mailing 
                     lists are restricted to certain types of players. 
                     It will be indicated beside the name of the 
                     list whether the list is [pub] Public or not.

SUBSCRIBE            TYPE: @subscribe listname
                     EXAMPLE: You want to subscribe to *Babble.
                     You would 
                     TYPE: @subscribe *Babble with notification
                     This will notify you when there is new mail on 
                     the list the moment it is posted (if you are 
                     logged on).

READING NEW MAIL     When you log on, you might see "There are ? new 
                     messages on *Babble." To read the new messages, 
                     TYPE: @nn
READING OLD MAIL     If you want to read a message again, you will have
                     to TYPE: @read message# on listname
                     EXAMPLE: @read 14 on Babble

Basics MOO List Programming

Thank you for visiting The MOO pages!

This page created and maintained by Lorna Dean and updated constantly. This page and its contents may not be duplicated by anyone without express consent of the owner of these pages. (c)1999 Dixie-Chick