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The Men and Women of the Rodeo

From the Bullriders to the Barrel Racers, the men and women of the rodeo risk their lives for the thrill of having the ride of their lives! This website is dedicated to those men and women who have given thier heart, soul, and even their lives to the ride.

Allow me to begin by defining "cowboy". Better yet, lets discuss what a cowboy is NOT. A cowboy is not a guy with a big belt buckle and a tiny, tight butt. A cowboy is not someone who goes out on drunken rampages everynight, and rides the rodeo circuit everyday. A cowboy is not necessarily from Texas...although it would be cool if they were. Being a cowboy is a state of mind; a person must pour his or her heart and soul into a lifestlye that could possibly kill them. This person must be responsible enough to take care of a family, his livestock, and his equipment. He must not wear his heart on his sleeve. He must be tuff enough to take his falls when they come, and get back up and ride again. He doesn't have to be a bullrider; he comes in all shapes and sizes--Male or Female, young or old.

The cowboy is a legend.

My Heroes

Lane Frost


Chris Ledoux






Adrenaline Rush

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