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Welcome to

You may have happened across this page thinking it was a fan club. Well, in a way it is...This is my personal webpage!

On the 'net, I go by Dixie-Chick. "What's with the name", you may ask. Well, I'm from the South, and I'm a Chick! My internet initials have notoriously been D.C. for the past ten years; don't ask me why...

I'm very pleased that you have decided to visit my page!

A good place to start is an introduction. My name is Lorna Dean, and I am 26 years old. I live and work in Tennessee, although the work part occupies most of my time. When I'm not working, I like to log onto MOOs and chat with friends. Country Music and Rodeos are still alive and well in my heart. I am also an Amateur Radio operator, and enjoy watching wildlife. So, as you can see, I keep quite busy whenever I can.

Please visit all of my pages. There is a world of information contained in them, and I wouldn't have taken the time to build and update them if I didn't want you to see them!

Okay okay!! You asked for it - you got it!! Here is the MOST RECENT pic of me...

HA!*hidden link*

Thank you for visiting my webpage!!

This page created and maintained by Lorna Dean and updated...prolly today...yup! TODAY! September 9, 1999